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 Quads ~ Application

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PostSubject: Quads ~ Application   Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:26 pm

*Name: Patrick
*Age: 15
*Ingame Username: Quads
*IRL Name: Patrick

*Your interests: Gaming and Sports
*Your Ingame Goals: I'd like to be one of the longest playing players, aswell as help out as many players as possible.
*How long you normally play AvestaX: Around 3-6 hours a day?

*What would you do If you had a Player advertising & You were moderator, what steps would you follow to Deal with him : First, i'd mute him and give him a warning, if he does it again, he'd be permently muted. If another account is made and it's done again IP Muted.

Thank You For Reading ~Quads jocolor geek jocolor
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Quads ~ Application
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